When Did you Start Playing?

When did you start playing?

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James O'martin

Pirate Lord
I started playing in Late January/Early February of 2008. :) :fight: I even have my Dark Green Tricorne to prove it as well. I also have the red bandana and the black bandana from The Pirates Online Anniversary Party.


Site Founder
Springbreak (early April) of 2010. And I don't have any proof for it. ;) I didn't even know how to take screenshots back then. But I recall we could still create a customized body shape for our pirates, which was removed shortly after that.


Pirate Master
I started playing about June/ July of 2010. Don't have any proof of it because back then i barely knew how to play and didn't even know how to take screen shots until like 6 months ago. :lol1:

Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
i started in 2007 (not a founder though)
and um...

I have Skull Broach top (color wheel customized... The pink is lighter on normal ones)
And also those purple Misfitted Capris (Also color wheel customized... Now they only sell grey)
Also... The old body type.. :( (i was so sad when i saw it wasn't the 'awesome' body -_-)

So.... yush :D


Pirate Lord
i started playing in april of 2010. and ive been looking for that red embellished vest forever. well apparently they dont have em anymore

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
I started playing in like 2007, but sadly no golden nametag -_- lol... I didn't know how to piece together a fancy outfit back then... This is on someone's war sloop. Don't know what year this is but, it looks old and I would never put something this ugly on a from 2008 till now so....


Honorable Pirate
2007. Let's see the game was launched the end of October 2007. I started playing in mid-November. As close to a founder as you can be without being one lol. I kept seeing commericals on cartoon network, and I knew I had to try it out.

Is it sad that I can't remember? :confused: Somewhere between... 2009-2010 :oops: Even though I may be way off, thats as close as I can get without going through everyday of those two years. ;) So, your guess is as good as mine. :p


Honorable Pirate
I started in 2007, just shy of being a founder. I've taken two major "breaks" from the game since then, just coming off of the second one. I actually enjoy the game more now than when I started. Plus, I have indeed met some pretty cool people.

Captain Sharktooth

Notorious Pirate
I started either in September or November of 2007, but never got unlimited access. I don't really remember much, but I played before guilds came....

Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
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I started playing :confused: uhhhhhh it was a sunny day in :confused: the birds were chirping and :confused: uhhh I forget but over a year for sure coming up on two I think.