Where Is The Best Place?

Look at this thread, Ben!


I went there with Francis and Jim (a healer), along with a bunch of other Spanians. I used the jacksbrew potion and went from lvl 15 doll to mastered it. Leveled up notoriety almost twice, from 40 to 1/8 bar away to 42. It worked!
If you're by yourself and your doll/ health isn't THAT high - I would recommend the first water room when you enter tormenta with the 3 either spineskulls or flotsams. Without Jacksbrew you get over 100 rep for killing all three quickly and they don't really hurt you.

If your level is higher - try the thrall room on tormenta. Each will give 80-115 rep depending on how long it takes to kill them. You don't need a healer for either place :)
i agree with Cathryne.... and fyi with Jacks Brew i mastered all weapons and gained two levels in the Thrall room from lvl 47 to a little over half way threw level 49... had a crew of about 6 ish and was getting close to 1k per guy down there... do the math... roughly 5k per clearing... lowest i saw was 714 total reps using doll.... highest was 1092 reps for a lvl 50 Thrall Captain :D good hunting ;)
i mastered mine at dark hart like when i was lvl 35. and i got a famed doll in the process