Question which is worth buying, frigate or brig?

brig (7000 gold) or frigate (5000 gold)?

  • brig

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  • frigate

    Votes: 4 66.7%

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NLE Glocka

Sea Legs
hi, i am trying to save some gold to buy a big ship, i actually saved around 5000, should i buy the frigate (5000) or wait a little bit and get more money to buy the brig (7000).
i am not on a hurry, i just want to buy the best of what available right now.
please guys tell me, should i go ahead and buy the frigate or wait till get the brig value?
thanks in advance.


Site Founder
My serious recommendation would be waiting until you've ranked your Sailing to Lv. 15 in order to access war-class ships. The standard Brig isn't bad (in fact I still own one with a Copperhead upgrade on one of my pirates), however your biggest bang for your buck is going to be anything in the war-class.

(Though, I recommend a standard Frigate if you're going to choose either. Medium brigs aren't very forgiving with their broadsides.)

Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
So, you’re looking to buy a regular type ship to speed your leveling? I recommend the brig. I also do not recommend that upgrade a regular class ship unless you plan on keeping it since ship materials are harder to get than gold, save your mats for ships you intend to keep.

Chris NightCore™

Pirate Lord

@NLE Glocka Hi, before you decide what to buy you can board public ships and get ship materials.
as a Captain, I recommend a War Frigate for a starter ship because it has a lot of cannons and it is a classic ship from POTCO that everyone likes. Each has its strength and weaknesses the brig is the upgraded version of the war frigate but I really dislike it that's my opinion.

you can also check this thread: 😉

Captain Zamora

Pirate Apprentice
I prefer the Frigate to be honest. I feel like the broadsides are much easier to control and predict compared to the brig. my War brig misses about 30% of broadsides even while sailing right next to an enemy ship. Also, as stated above, make sure you save materials for when you get war ships.


Wanted Pirate
I would say go for a War Galleon since it holds the most cargo, broadsides, and hull strength. I suppose that's not what the thread is asking, haha...

Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
After seeing what others think and mulling it over a bit in my head I gotta say that there is not a huge difference between frigates and brigs. The differences are:
  1. Looks
  2. Frigates have forward firing cannons and brigs do not.
  3. The brig is faster
  4. The brig is easier to hit
The small difference in broadsides is negligible. I don’t have the control issues that others seem to have but it is true that the faster the ship is moving the more precise your aim and timing must be for that satisfying boom when the enemies go to the bottom. It really comes down to personal preference and either ship should serve you well.


I'd rather War Brigs! They're extremely overpowered when completely upgraded and can be taken for extremely long treasure hauls!