Who Do You Privateer For? March 24, 2011

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Who Do You Privateer For?
March 24, 2011


Strange tales surround the world of Pirates and this one's worth a listen...
Imagine twin brothers, bitter rivals since birth.
The first, Thomas White, the favorite of his mum, showed quick-wit and resourcefulness.
The second, James White, favored by his father, was sly and hot-tempered.
Upon their father's untimely death, James left home to join the British fleet but not before ransacking his own family for valuables and cash - including his father's burial money.
A few years later, Thomas headed for the open seas himself, bound for the Caribbean. There the pair would renew their festering rivalry, but under new names:
Click here for Tomás Blanco (Spain) Click here for Jacques le Blanc (France)

I actually look to see who are the top rank ships, first, then see if they are war sloops, i only sail on them, to me is much more challenging,...is not the bounty i look at, more that i want to get my rep to admiral, so i know they sink ships, and i just hope they open to public,..then once on that ship, my objective is to sink, the #1 rank ship from the other side, cause they usually, are impossible to sink. I dont seem to have any trouble getting crewed as i am master pirate and mastered cannon. Lot of people on ships wont crew you, i have seen if you are lower level, which is a shame. So once crewed I say, lets go after that #1 ship on other side,...and they are happy for the help...So, i guess you could say, i sail for both sides, and have met, very nice people on each adventure....:fish:and in svs, its always, a non stop, adventure,....:parrot:(when i do the sailing, i tell everyone, put your lifejacket on, and hold on,...i am bad about turning circles looking for ships, and say, anyone dizzy yet?) you just got to have fun, no matter what ya doin,...:party: (was spania who taught me that)