Who has boss days in his or her guild?

Deniz Can Keskin

Wanted Pirate
We have a boss day and in that day in anttama server we are in some bosses and it's a good thing because you can level up easy and that's a good thing.
it's pretty much boss day in wrath of ravens every day. we sail to gather alot as well. their always something going on and i never get bored. we don't rank per say, but our normal actives seem to get us on the borads every day.:ahoy:
In our guild we really like the boss days

Not a boss day boss we have boss days like monday devil root, Tuesday foul ...
And we help every guys in our guild

If a guild has please tell me guys
I understand that Deniz....I was thinking of a way for my guild to enjoy "Kicking Bosses Butt's Day"....maybe have kick butt on Darkheart Day or kick butt on recovering the Black Pearl Battle Day....and do it all day long on a weekend!
Yea Now with Mr Awesome on me and Maggie Mae in the forums our guilds most good guys are now in the forums

George Prowratte Co GM
Mr Awesome Co GM
Maggie Mae GM
The top three are in the forums!