Who's any good at pvp?


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Who's any good at pvp on this game and is it open for all to play?
Ahoy @Red_x,

While I can't speak about my ability in regards to PvP, there are quite a few very proficient PvP players across the game. Many tend to spend time on Abassa, Tortuga as well.

Yes, TLOPO is open and free for all to play! No queues, waiting times, or access code betas!


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PVP roll call!
Maybe not be so excited, tlopo took out a few glitches including the old favorite fast switch.
Not much to exploit in pvp, svs any more.
Guess pvpr's will just have to play within the game parameters once again.


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I played red x, frusciante, Rocky and Red Jr if anybody here remembers playing with my chars. Fast switch wasn't a big deal

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The PvP scene is a bit hard to access right now. We hope to change that with our upcoming lobbies system, as part of the Capture the Chest expansion. Should make everything from PvP, to finding a crew, to guild meetings a lot easier.

More details as this feature gets closer to release. For now, check out the Upcoming Content Spotlight in the News & Announcements section.