Why Bella left the guild and forums she loves


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Is a personal decision to leave a guild, escpecially one you care so much about. For me, i have two people in POTC i respect so much. Carlos of spania, for his vision, strength of charactor, and never compromising on what he believes in. Also, Adhy, for teaching me to sail,...i had low pirates in his guild, and when i played with him and Nota, the funny would fly! But i noticed my being outspoken would tend to scare women away, and i said to him maybe is best i take my girls out, we can always play together adhy. He of course said i dont care about that. But i said, i do care. I want you to succeed in what you had planned. And he knows, we will always be friends,..

And now i see my outspoken ways, tends to upset people in Carlos guild,..though he has never asked me to be anything other than who I am, and i use this as an example only, but cause she is the sweetest girl i know,..i can never be a quiet Starr, i will always be an outpoken Bella. Spania will be #1, his guild is filled with Johhny Maks.

It was mentioned someone said that i always have to be right, this has to be have been said by someone who does not know me,..i only defend those i see being made fun of,...someone starts on someone, i tend to put a stop to it,..an yes it makes me a target, and makes me suspect what others say to me. This is sad, because in the game,...i am always just about having fun....only in the forum,,,...do i tend to give my opinion, and that is not always what everyone likes to hear...

I know you think of me of this tough girl, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. In life,..you know of my bulldog who died on chistmas,..that to me was devastating. but one thing you dont know about me,..is August 9, 2008, i had to put to sleep my 14 year old argentine dogo (pittbull/greatdane mix), i cried everday for two years....and this week is perticularly bad for me,..becasue, i know you will not even understand this,..but last easter,..i had decided,...god would forgive me,.on this day, if any day,.... i just would rather be with my animals no longer with me. The pain of missing,..seems at times to far out weigh daily life.....I guess my family had others plans for me that day,...things always dont turn out how you think they will.

i just ask that you dont always assume the worst, help those you see being harrassed...and just strive to be the best you can....:piratemickey:


September (aka Bella)

What you wrote...I appreciate. Your "testimony"...well, it is an encouragment to us all! I don't understand what has or is happening...&...I don't want to be interferring. Just realize I support you. I truly hope this isn't your goodbye :confused:.

Keep safe. Keep positive...

Your Friend,

wait she quit or she quit and came back? well either way we all understand and if u did leave hope u do well with the rest of ur life
Sorry i should have clarified that better, just was told, and no, i never name, names, that my prescence here, and in the guild is causing confrontation, and that to me, only means unhappiness, and that would never be my intention, so i just hang out with my girls awhile, in my guild Twilight Souls, they are all my pirates,..and if you see us,..hope to play with you as i always did,...for me, as i always say, your friends, they are always, right where you left them,....:parrot:
you ever wonder what bella is up to,..well, i asked her to help, least she could have brought along a weapon,..GOTCHA bella,...screenshot_2011-04-23_06-37-59.jpgscreenshot_2011-04-26_11-07-22.jpgscreenshot_2011-04-26_11-12-07.jpgscreenshot_2011-04-26_11-13-54.jpgscreenshot_2011-04-26_11-47-45.jpg
Sorry to hear about all this Bella... You will be missed if you just disappear like that as you have amazed a few friends around here.

Love the pic by the way!