Why Not?


Pirate Lord
ok why doesnt it ever rain in potco. and why cant we eat and drink (rum) at a tavern and why cant we go below deck of a ship and shoot those cannons. and last but not least why cant we sink other pirates ships and get eczactly the same loot they looted. were can i email this to so potco game developers can at least see and consider this?
They do read the feed back. However senting suggestions on test is better than senting feed back on live but right now they will not consider new ideas as they are in the process of fixing and adding a new one.

Anyway although thats a great idea you posted above, sounds like a lot of work and pressure for the developers. As for sinking pirates, thats why they made svs so pirates battle each other on ships but with no loot as its worthless.
Well everyone remember if disney did all of this it would become a Teen rated game which would be awesome they wont do that almost half evan more are 8 and up some younger my little bros and sises play this I am an adult but they love the game. I think these changes are definitely needed and that disney has been quite lazy giving us stuff that we haven't asked for and not giving us what we have asked for but it is all good we like the game right we can tell disney thats all well there is always the option of quitting but this is last resort for me I love the game. So disney should try to give us some of the stuff we ask for. But at least some of us should under stand why they might hold back some like raising the rating to teen that is because they would lose money and that would not be a smart move for them. lol

Francis Gunshot
I agree, but realize, it takes a lot of time to design and develop these things... They also have to juggle fixing bugs and creating new things. Sometimes they just don't have the time to work on misc. details.