Will To The Rescue!


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So tonight Johnny and I were at Tormenta looking for good drops for hours I lvl up grenades Not once but twice.... He even caught on fire! Then along comes Will ....... and What do I find??? ( Oops pictures are mixed up but, I can't change them around)

Wow I remeber tping and I charge and I'm like woo already a skull chest, but I attacked a mila second to late and didn't get the skull chest and you get the sword I've been looking for. Wheres the face icon were hes crying his eyes out lol congrats he said sadly.
Thanks Will, Morgan... It was great... We had No luck all night then I laugh and say we should have Will tp so his luck can shine on us.. and Will TP's and BooM skull chest with a famed... LOL
Indeed I do... I mean what are the chances of something like that happening? It was sooooo EPIC!!! :p

I will admit this has happend to me before I got only one hit on darkheart at the last second when my friend nate dreadsteel did all the work killing him and I got the famed I believe it was scoundrels pistol.
Thanks Hector and Char :)

Chris he was not looting I had just asked him to TP for his "luck" and right as he came is when the skull dropped.