Williams Prowskull Pirate Life

Hello everyone im here to tell you about my pirate life how i joined pirates online and joined spania well first off im kinda new at pirates been plating it since january 1rst and i love it its been a wonderful adventure so far my friend told me to play this game he doesnt anymore because he betted the game and playing another game so i signed in and download it took a long time to and made my pirate couldnt thin off a name so i just did a random name than i played toook forever to download it was funny how i kept dying but im just a begginner at it the quest is fun so far lots to the first guild iever joined was called thirst souls someone randomly guiilded me never tried a guild so i joined it been in that guild for a while but when i came on i was guildless than i went on tortuga on abassa first time i ever been on there and i saw a gold sign that had an coin that said f on it and the name off the person was captain star and i joined spania sounds like an organized guild and ive been in it over a week and oits the best ive been in so far and not planning on leaving and and i hope no won will kick me out and i dont no why i was kicked out in my last guild i didnt like it anyways and today i got this awesome weapon called staff today my friend might come back on pirates idk for sure but its been a while adventure so far and this is an awesome web site so that is williams prowwskull pirate life so far to be continued.....
knock'm dead william prowskull! good to hear you story. thanks for posting it.