Word Lingo ... Pirate Style!


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What do you do when you don't have anything to do? Play Lingo, of course! :D
Out of boredom, Adriana and Nell decided to see who could find better (read = funnier) compound words. I happened to be there to witness their creativity.
Adriana started first with a word, and Nell had to come up with another word to make a sensible compound word. Then they took turn ... Adriana had to come up with another word (first part of the compound word), and Nell had to answer it with another word ...

You'll be the judge if their words are sensible enough! :p
screenshot_2010-12-26_21-55-40.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-56-01.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-57-23.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_21-58-16.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-00-41.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-00-50.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-01-56.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-05-11.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-07-57.jpg screenshot_2010-12-26_22-08-45.jpg
how does word lingo work?

Lol, Will its basically us testing the Pirates dictionary. Whatever will go in thought bubbles goes! Its is a little harder to follow with the pictures but what happens is that Adriana does a word and I try to make a word in the thought bubble that goes with it.

Ex. Adriana does thought "Hot" and I do thought "Dog"= Hot Dog

So since Adriana went first she can switch her thought bubble but it has to go with my thought bubble "Dog."

Ex. Adriana does new thought "Corn" + my thought "Dog" = Corn Dog

Next I go....

Ex. Adriana still has thought "Corn" + my new thought "Nugget" = Corn Nugget.

Hope that makes sense. We threw in a third person later on and it was funny because it was the most random stuff that Pirates would let us put in thought bubbles (ie. Hairy Growth Burgers).