You Create The Story Version 2

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Yup it's time for another you create the story. The other one went great and I thought you'd guys like to do another one so again here are the rules. I will start of writing a sentence then someone else will write a sentence, then another person and so on. This time the catch will be no more adding your own name and then completley changing the story because well thats boring.


-You may only use the characters given by me [see list below]
-No using guild names or other peoples names
-Be polite
-DO NOT COMPLETLEY CHANGE THE STORY[stick to the plot dont go from the sea to mars]
-2 lines minimum per entry
-If 2 people add to the story at same time the best sentence will stay and other will be deleted
-Keep everything PG appropriate

Failure to meet the rules of thread and of forums can result in your message being deleted.
Character List You decide who is what in this list but remeber the rules not all characters have to be used but only these names can be used
-Big Bob
-Little Larry
-Samuel Scurvybones
-Will Nightwolf :)
-Minty Fresh
-Barron Von Willington
-Ying Li
-Joe Smith
-Daniel Spine
-Jose Guerrero
-Peter Simpson

I think thats good enough for know if we need more I'll add them later

Now lets start here's the first sentence:

It was a dark and stormy night
It was sunny, but in the distance, it was grey and dark- A thunder strom. We could see the flash,and the bolts, of lighting going across the sky.
"We must hurry" said the Captain. but alas they were not quick enough and the storm hit. The captain too now worried that the ship would sink on the rocks.
The huge dark vessel's arose with such a force and spilled a big splash around her. She glided forward fast, her sails were full, menacingly approached Captain Will Nightwolf's Fighting Maelstrom ...
The crew raced towards the cannons, but alas did not use them. The Flying Dutchman submerged under the water and fled.
They thought they were safe but out of nowhere the ships of greenbeard, redbeard, and bluebeard came out and surrounded nightwolfs ship.
This made things worse because the crew were all out of ammo, after one of the crewmen accidentally threw them all over board thinking they were rocks. Captain Will Nightwolf ordered the crew to "get ready and to open fire" on his signal.
So distraught & very confused, the crew misunderstood Captain Will's order & thought he had said, "get Jessie and the drunken liar." Looking about to & fro, someone gruffed proclaiming, "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!"
Taking charge of the situation, Captain Will said, "No one is going to die on my watch!" Suddenly, a loud bell was heard echoing from the waters below. Ying Li's All-Night Curry and Ammo Dinghy pulled up alongside the Fighting Maelstrom. This was good, because everyone knows that Greenbeard, Redbeard and Bluebeard get deathly ill from curry. The 3-Beards' Ships fled to safety and waited in the distance, as Ying Li hoisted up buckets of curry for the crew and enough crates of ammo to commence battle.
But as the storm got closer, more strange did the sea become. The waves calmed down and a thick fog appeared out of nowhere. The Captain walked up to upper-deck as his crew called him out from his cabin.

"S-so-something's wrong", said one of his men nervously. "Very wrong!"