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In this thread I will say a sentence then someone else will say a sentence that adds on to the story. It's that simple.

Example: person 1-once upon a time person2- a man walked down a road

-First off any innapropriate response will be removed immidieatley
-You can not end the story if you do your comment will be removed or the the ending part will be removed
-Give other people a chance to write don't comment on every other post
-Only write story responses do not write any comments until the story is over wich I will decide when is over
-Again keep everything appropriate I will remove all innapropriate comments
-Do not write a long sentence no more than 1 or 2 lines

-Again keep everything appropriate I can't stress that enough

New rule: if two people post a comment at same time I will pick the better one and delete the other if they cant go together
Ok now here is the start of the story add on to it

On a dark and stormy night
not a star to be seen; nor the moon to afford a pale gentle light. Through the darkness in a small little town a pirate
he stops and stands silent staring at the darkness, listening to the raging wind, at that moment he felt it; he knew that a change was coming
When he gets there, something hits him on the head ... What was I running away from ... I should've said Hi to her ...
But his thoughts were interrupted from a splash of a water and he looked over his shoulder to find a mermaid sitting on the rocks