Your Epic Dying Or Almost Dying Pictures!!


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Sinking ships with my best friends, Basil and Jack ...

Look at the health bar! And look at the conversation on the bottom left corner.


Look at what we did ... Right when I leveled up notoriety ...

Uh huh ... We sank! Tsk, tsk, tsk ... Thank you for sending me to jail right when I leveled up, guys ... :D EPIC, right? (Fail ... ;) )

And you know what? Next time, please concentrate on sinking ship when the ship health in on Red, instead of talking about games ... :p


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i have not so epic pictures of people being crushed by me in svs but this clearly says epic
:( I'd take pic of me dying but I never die. I can't be beaten:p
rly go to foulberto smasho alon and try that then lets see if u can die or heres another idea run up to a rage ghost and try to take it down in close combat i guarrantee u will die :D sry had to ruin ur moment will lol it had to be done


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Not as epic as my screenshots up there, but still pretty good pics, before I got knocked out.

Btw, Francis has left me behind several level since he's a 'lightning-fast' leveler now ... so if he ever PvPs me again, he'd definitely could pay back. ;)


And this ghost came out of no where ... Idk how he got to the glitch and beat me up ... I couldn't even see him to defend myself!



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well I know ive died alot of times and almost died alot of times so post your best pictures of you dieing or almost dieing here!
EDIT (Apr 25, 2011 at 10:17 AM):
heres some funny pictures of me...View attachment 4954 an army of alligators attacked me i stood no chanceView attachment 4955
you know these have to be my favorite dying pictures, when your little head just pokes out of the water, .......IMAO,...i mean that really cracks me up,...ROFL,.........i mean really, has happened to us all, especially at tormenta, the thralls,...poof,..only your head showing, and is like guys, i am over hear,,.....i am drowning,...i swear i am going to bring a life jacket when i play there from now on,.....:fish:



Im ALWAYS almost dying when im with my sister.
Its like a part of me dies whenever i see her.... shes scary :p
lol... jk