Your Famed and Rare Charms and Rams.

Francis Gunshot

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Here is a thread for you to post pics of your Flamed and Rare Charms and of your Rare Weapons if you have anything u want to show off post pics here!!;)

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord

Got this from CD, and I refuse to ever do cannon defense again, it's waayy too hard rofl. Hoped for a Revenant ram but what do I get? Searing. I don't even have firebrand... Just fury, bolt, explosives and round... (and no that cutlass at the bottom is not a lv five cutlass I am going to sells it like pretty much everything here... don't be thinking I take noob weapons :lol1:)

James Birkshaw

Notorious Pirate
Ooh, I can't get on POTCO to show pictures right now, but I have: Revenant Ram, Steel Ram, Haunted Ram, Master Gunner Cannon Ram, Iron Priming, and Cajun Ram. I think that MGCR came from Cannon Defense, while Revenant and Haunted were found looting ships. Cajun and Steel were found in Kingshead. I honestly have no clue where or when I got Iron Priming Ram.