Your Favorite Ship!

Your favorite ship?

  • Sloops (tell which size in comments)

    Votes: 11 18.3%
  • Galleons (tell which one in comments)

    Votes: 11 18.3%
  • Frigates (tell which one in comments)

    Votes: 38 63.3%

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On POTCO there is a lot of different people, which means lots of favorite ship tastes!
Please post your opinion on your favorite ship to sail or fight in. (Just for looting, not for svs, just to make it interesting.)Oops I forgot brigs. Just don't fill out anything if you pick those. (curse my clumsy thumbs)
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War Frigate... Mine is fully upgraded Skull & Bones with Gray Sails named Silver Rose which is my first Warship and will be my last.... Its my true ship.
For looting I like having:
War Frigate - Storm Chaser level VI - Open Fire level II - Steel Ram equipped

Storm Chaser VI broadsides are powerful, and at level VI there's a 45% chance that each cannon will fire thunderbolt. Ships up to Death Omens only take a single broadside to sink, so I can use both sides to fill the hold very quickly.

The hold only carries 16. I like this as it prevents looting runs from becoming marathons. I like to fill quickly and aggressively, port, and go out for another run.

About the only negative is getting hit by a Tally Ho or Battle Royale. That can prematurely end a loot run unless I have a decent crew aboard.

Crew - IMHO the biggest variable to any run. A boat crewed by one or two guildmates & friends sinks enemy ships much faster than a full compliment screaming "PORT NOW, WE'RE FULL!"
It really depends on what I want Materials Haul? Brig away! Jail em all! SvS Stealth? Sloops ahoy! I have to say though I personally prefer Frigates.
Depending on crew size, and crew level, and crew needs I prefer War Brigs in either Copperhead, Stormchaser, or Fortune Hunter(all lvl VI).

..........but I really enjoy plunder - material runs with a pro master crew on my Fortune Hunter War Galleon.
I've always been a fan of war sloops due to their maneuverability and the simplicity of their design.
Storm chaser war sloops are great fun for driving around and the broadside is impressive to watch. For me, plundering with a crew is best done on a fortune hunter war brig.

Not enough room to own all types of ships :sad1:
Frigates are the overall best for me. I prefer Copperhead War Frigates. They're good for plundering, Great for SvS. Sloops (I prefer Storm Chaser), however, they're Great for SvS, but aren't as good for plundering runs.
I prefer the War Frigate because it has good cannons and good room for people to cannon and even good heights.

But sadly I don't have it.

No membership, not enough gold, not even ship level 15 yet xD.
All upgrades can be applied to all ships - except for the light ones (light sloop, frigate, etc)

I have a War Frigate with lvl 6 Storm Chaser & my second pirate is building a War Frigate with Fortune Hunter
As far as stock hulls go, I'd say Frigate is my personal favorite, it has the best positioned cannons for the crew, good aiming broadsides, good speed and a good cargo hold. I'm currently working on a Copperhead War Frigate, can't wait until it's done!