Your Favorite Weapons


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Lol I remember the days back before all the different weapons existed and you'd have to do all sorts of tasks to get a better weapon, don't miss those days!
Sword - Blightfang Edge

Gun - Foul Bane Repeater

Dagger - Dagger of the Golden Idol

Throwing Knives - Raven Fang Knives

Legendary Weapon - Thunderspine Sword



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Aaah... I'm not sure why but I've always liked knives and especially Silver Freeze out of all :p I love that it was quick, fierce and it was giving you a more aggressive stance when throwing them rather than the swords or pistols. It just seemed more energetic of sorts, not sure how to put it better. A 2nd favorite was sabre for solo and broadsword for more than 2 enemies of course :p

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Comment your favorite weapons on this thread
These are mine favorite weapons

Sword- Treachery's End

Gun - War Scattergun

Dagger- Silver Freeze

Doll - Spirt Binder Doll
Sword- Thunderspine

Gun- War Scattergun

Dagger- Seven Sea Dagger

Doll- Revenant Doll

Staff- Vile Staff