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  1. POTCOSlenderMan
    Watched Halloween (2018) yesterday. (Slight Spoiler here) My favorite part was when Laurie stole Michael's disappearing body trick!
  2. Captain Star
  3. RubythePirate
    RubythePirate Misha
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    2. Misha
      You are the absolute best. Omg. :happy:
      Oct 22, 2018 at 1:53 PM
  4. Captain Star
  5. Captain Star
  6. Deniz Can Keskin
    Deniz Can Keskin Jack Callesilver
    Welcome mate! It's me George Prowratte. Nice to see you here!
  7. Misha
    Misha Zombiegore96
    Hope you've been alright, Elizabeth! Would love to meet you in-game and catch up!
  8. Misha
    Misha Chris NightCore™
    Have a great week buddy!
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    2. Chris NightCore™
      Chris NightCore™
      You too bro! :happy:
      Oct 22, 2018 at 5:59 AM
  9. Kate Ironhawk
    Kate Ironhawk
    Sorry for any inconvenience I've been but hopefully I can get back to normal.
  10. RemiPVP
    RemiPVP Shadowemma1
    Hi Emma! I live in Texas and I wanted to say thanks for welcoming me on Oct 1, 2016 (look at my profile) :)
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  11. Sparky Wonderwolf
    Sparky Wonderwolf
    Love that Purdue win over Overrated State.
  12. Bart Gunshot
  13. Shamus The Brute
    Shamus The Brute
    There will “always” be difficult ppl to which to tolerate. Deal w/them with class! (Do 1st before you WALK). https://youtu.be/cSvxGvF4b2E
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  14. Shamus The Brute
    Shamus The Brute
  15. Captain Star
  16. Charles Warmonk
    Charles Warmonk
    Sometimes you need to be the hero.
  17. SwiftBlade
    SwiftBlade Karakk
    Welcome to the forums!
  18. Jason X The Pirate
    Jason X The Pirate
    Currently finding Lost Blade of Leviathan in progress. I will be looting only Palifico until it drops it.
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  19. Sparky Wonderwolf
    Sparky Wonderwolf
    I dont mind that Ramsey has a mouth, I love it, because before we were a nobody team. In the end it's just words, too.
  20. Captain Redhorn
    Captain Redhorn Mood Rock
    You inspire me, I hope to see you return in game so I can stand by you someday.
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    2. Mood Rock
      Mood Rock
      I hope to return as well. In time, your own hopes may become a reality, but only time will tell.
      Oct 19, 2018 at 3:28 PM
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