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Hey everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the discontinuation of the forums.

This decision comes from me and me alone, and it is not one I take lightly or came to hastily. This game and the community around it were, at one time, a welcome escape from the stresses and troubles of the real world. The forums were an extension of that, helping to bring the community together outside of the game, which was once something I took much pride in.

Unfortunately, I have long been unable to give the forums the time and energy they deserve. Recent events have only exacerbated that fact, which has ultimately left me in a difficult position with few other options.

The forums will be placed in read-only mode indefinitely. Existing content will continue to be accessible for a long time to come (at least a year, and I will provide plenty of notice if and when I expect that to change). The conversation system will remain open temporarily so that people can coordinate further communication on other platforms if they need to.

Minor update: I will leave the conversation system available until (anonymized) statistics show that it is no longer in regular use.

If you have any questions or concerns you may start a conversation with me or email

Thank you all for being part of this decade-long journey with me.

Davy Darkrage
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Apologies for the downtime. Embarrassingly, my monitoring notifications were blocked by spam filters so I didn't see them. I still have no plans to take the forums offline in the foreseeable future, and if that ever changes I will provide plenty of notice.

Take care.
Not open for further replies.