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Jan 5, 2019
Apr 1, 2017
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Southeast USA


Honorable Pirate, Male, from Southeast USA

I'm a mild troll, and an apprentice level memelord, but harmless. Aug 16, 2017

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Jan 5, 2019
    1. WilyJaymes
      I'm a mild troll, and an apprentice level memelord, but harmless.
    2. WilyJaymes
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      2. PrivateRiley
        Despite constant mod abusefefe...
        Aug 16, 2017
    3. WilyJaymes
      Loving the French Assassin threads. I've combined it with some other pieces, and now I look like a Spanish pimp.
    4. Captain Star
    5. Punkin Pie
      Punkin Pie
      Welcome to the forums! :wave:
      1. Punkin Pie
        Punkin Pie
        Hope all's going well! If you need any help with anything just ask someone.
        Apr 12, 2017
      2. WilyJaymes
        Yeah I could use a personal minion to stay at darkhart at all times for me to teleport to.
        Jul 25, 2017
    6. Divine
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    7. ArabellaDrummond
      Welcome to the forums WilyJames ;)
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    Southeast USA
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    You may be wondering what my name means. I'm here to answer your questions. No, it is not pronounced "Willy." It is an adjective, meaning "skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully." And I can assure you, they don't call me that for no reason at all. My hobbies include: thwarting those navy swine, caressing my ship's wheel, adjusting my hat, and staying as far away from stupid people as possible.

    Weapons of Choice: Sabres, daggers, pistols

    And now, we will go into a lore making session to explore some of the details of our savvy friend Wily Jaymes the pirate - during which he will refer to himself in the 3rd person to possibly lessen the effect of sounding pretentious. Oh! Who is he kidding?! He's an evil fantastic genius! Er...I mean cordial...yes he meant cordial.

    The first thing you are likely to notice about Wily Jaymes is his razor sharp, lightning fast wit and his very eccentric sense of humor. Or maybe you won't, because you're an ape. The man has an IQ of around 150, and a lot of crazy floats around in that head of his. In every day chat, he'll produce a complicated response riddled with subtle humor in mere seconds that flies over most heads. It isn't always the most socially acceptable thing to do, but unfortunately attempting to force himself to be normal results in an even greater insanity than existed before. Thankfully, cap'n Jaymes has learned to be comfortable with who he is, and doesn't much care for the approval of others.

    Wily Jaymes is a tall and slender man. He chuckles at the giant monkeys who run around Tortuga. You know, the ones that look like someone balanced an inverted pyramid of Giza on a pair of sticks. Bet ya 5000 gold they mess up their sabre combos regularly...unskilled buffoons.

    Master Strategist:
    especially on the seas, and figuring out little details
    to get an edge over competitors.
    Expert Debater: can form nearly impenetrable arguments, and likewise,
    rip apart opposing ones with ease.
    Merit Oriented: believes respect and kindness must be earned, and is
    not a basic right.
    Very Stubborn: strongly resists doing anything he's not interested in
    Word Smith: A craftsman of the English language. Able to compose
    intricate sentences and convey complex ideas with ease.
    Loyal: if one proves themselves worthy of loyalty, Wily Jaymes
    would do anything within his realm of power to defend
    their wellbeing. A true friend.


    Ugh... Aren't you a sight? Your post looks how I feel, mate.
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