A Dose of Shyness - Art Showcase

:wave: Ahoy there again!
How are you all doing ?? :cat2:

Today, I am going to put up this special post,
for @Savvyrascal and @Luna Storm <3 <3

This is something that I am able to do, :)
and for anyone else out there who faces hard times as well,
I hope this little post helps you getting through soon. <3

Me and my niece's prayers are with you and your loved ones!! :thumbsup:

Tool: My dad's old laggy 7 inch Android Tablet

Stylus: The Magical Rainbow Tail... :p

Application: Medibang Android Version

Time Spent: >4days



Hush Hush,
I will stay by your side.

Hush Hush,
Everything will be alright.

Do you know?
There's always rainbow,
Behind every storm.

Do you know?
Stronger you will grow,
if you dare to let go.

Hush Hush,
Let me stay by your side.

Hush Hush,
Just hold onto me tight,
Everything is now alright...

P/s: My niece has a wishing bottle, which inspires me for this artwork.
She said: "All the best wishes are well-kept in the bottle." Aww.. How cute!! :D <3

Stay Strong!! :sunny: :hugs:
and Lots of LOVES!!! <3<3<3
Howdy, everybody!! :bounce:

A quick announcement here:
"A Dose of Shyness is now officially One Year Old!!"
Hip Hip Hooray!!! :congrats1: :cheer1:

Oh my god, I can't believe it!
Time flies so so fast! :tornado:
I can still remember the day when I first posted to this forum,
it feels just like yesterday!!

I want to thank :thanks: all of you whoever supports my artwork,
gives me likes and nice comments,
it really helps motivating me to produce better art!
Thank you lovelies!! :angel: :hugs:

Okay, so today's post definitely goes with the birthday theme. :bday:
Special shoutouts to my dear followers: :dance1:
"Can you manage to spot your very own self within this art piece?? " :p
Hehe! Enjoy!! <3 <3


Warning: Cuteness Overload!!! :hamster:

Tool: My dad's old laggy 7 inch Android Tablet

Stylus: A giant cakepop stick!! :happy:

Application: Medibang Android Version

Time Spent: >4days



Just one last step left before everything sets for A Dose of Shyness's one-year-old birthday party,
@Chris NightCore™ is putting candle on top of a giant cake.

@Luna Storm : "Chris, can you make it now? Do I need to tilt the cake more?"

@Chris NightCore™ : " Hang on, Luna, I am almost done!"

@Luna Storm : "Be careful, okay?"

@Misha : "Don't worry, I got him!"

@Captain Star : "Over here, Shybaby, look at my camera~"

@A Dose of Shyness : "Ohh Ohh Ahh Ahh~ Yum Yum~"

@Grace O Maille : "Look! It's raining confetti! Aww, how beautiful!"

@Captain Star : "Good timing! Now, everyone says CHEESE!"


In addition,
I have posted a tattoo artwork right over here.
Guess what? the post is all about birthday as well, lol! :p
Feel free to click the link and have a look.

Thank you again, :green smilies:
and lots lots lots of loves! <3 <3 <3

Enjoy your weekend! :martini:
:ahoy: lads and lasses,
I hope you had a great week!!:thumbsup:

So... today in this post,
showing my appreciation on your ultimate supports of my artworks, :thanks: <3 <3 <3
I am here giving away 2 Halloween Edition Watermark-free Animated Smilies , :green smilies:
featuring my own original character- the very cute Shybaby . :hamster:

In addition,
I am also giving away 8 more Watermark-free Animated Smilies right over here. :cheer1:
If you'd love to collect and download all of these emotes,
be sure to click the link above and check them out, :D
tell me which Shybaby you liked the most, and why?? :confused:


Tool: My dad's old 7 inch Android Tablet

Stylus: None for now, so please bear with my rough finger works and those jaggy outlines!!:(

Application: Medibang Android Version + Adobe Photoshop CS5 (The Animation Part)

Time Spent: > 7 days

Theme: /HalloweenEditionFreeSmilies


Shybaby No.9 and Shybaby No.10 ran away from the Smilies Squad for Candies Collection. :tornado:
But don't worry too much, looks like I have already traced and found them! :shades:
There they are!!!
Make sure you give them some treats before bringing them back to the Squad again. :D
Shybaby No.9 asks you for Trick or Treat? <3

Shybaby No.10 goes for a wizard broom ride! <3



:happy halloween: :ghost:
Enjoy, and until next time!!
<3 <3 <3

Captain Cat

Honorable Pirate
You've truly done a lot over the past year! It's always a pleasure to see artists in this community, especially with a style as bright and creative as yours! Good work! :)
You've truly done a lot over the past year! It's always a pleasure to see artists in this community, especially with a style as bright and creative as yours! Good work! :)
Thank you so so so much Cat!! :thanks: :happy:
It's my pleasure too posting artworks here in the forum,
and whenever I receive sweet comments like yours,
it makes my day :D
Wish you a :ny2:!! <3 <3

Hey Hey Hello all again!! :snowman:
I hope everyone's having great holidays!!:happy:

Here I am posting a new artwork with New Year Theme,
as my first art post here in the forum for the brand new year 2019!!!:woot:

I managed to finish this creation in time,
after getting rid of my grown laziness during holidays. :p

This is a collaboration art of me and my niece,
as she contributed the outfit idea of the character. :)

My niece was with me and my family on New Year Eve,
while we all snuggling together in the living room,:martini:
chit-chatting, counting down, watching grand fireworks shown on the tv.:party4:s

How about you? How did you spend your New Year Eve?:excited:
Feel free to leave me notes and tell me more of it!:happy:


Tool: My dad's old 7 inch Android Tablet.

Stylus: A bling bling sparkler!!

Application: Medibang Android Version.

Time spent: >3 days. (Finished most of the parts in a food coma, :lol1:!)

Theme: /Happy2019

Wishing all of you a sparkly and great year ahead!
Happy 2019!!:ny1:


Here is a special watermark-free pixel art that I made based on the artwork above.

Hope you all like it.:)

Until next time,
Lots of Loves <3 <3 <3
Hello everyone! 😀
It's been a while, well, a long long while actually~😂
I am sorry that I did not show up often enough, as I have to cope with my busy daily RL schedule.
I really missed this little nest here😭, it's like my second home that I could always share my emotions and feelings through some artworks with you all.
Therefore, today's theme is all about home🏡, HomeSweetHome~😙
I hope that whenever you are home, no matter how late it is, there's always someone waiting for you, greets you with sweet words, keeping you company~💕
Tool: My dad's old 7 inch Android Tablet.
Stylus: My already rusty finger skills😭.
Application: Medibang Android Version.
Time spent: >3 + N days. (Yup, Procrastination anyone??😑)
Theme: /WaitingForYou
"Welcome home, darlin'~ ⚘💋💖"


I hope you liked this one, enjoy!!
& until next time, (hope it won't be too long😂) xoxo😘~
Hello folks!! I A M B A C K A G A I N, hehe.😂
First of all, Happy Mother's Day!!!😍💖
Every mother is a Superhero, they know their children the best💕, and they are always the strongest💪, the toughest👊, yet the warmest😚, that we can always trust and lean on.
"I love you💋" and "Thank you⚘" would never ever be enough for all the sacrifices that our mother had made for us😭.
Make sure to always keep her company👩‍👧‍👦, cheer her up🤣, even though you are busy, a call will definitely brightens her day🌞!!
Today I will be sharing a painting that I had so much fun drawing with, and I hope all of you like it as much as I do!! 😀
Tool: My dad's old 7 inch Android Tablet.
Stylus: My slowly recovering finger skills💪
Application: Medibang Android Version.
Time spent: >4 days.
Theme: /SuperMom
"And she will always be my SuperMom!!😘💋"

Okay I somehow got hungry looking at this painting
Well, that's all for today's post.😀
Enjoy & Until next time, xoxo.😚
Hello again 🌞 my sunshines! How are y'all doing today?
Happy Father's Day to all Daddies and Grandpas out here!! ⚘
May happiness and joy be around you all the time 😘

i used to be the annoying little girl 👧 who bugged my dad to read me bedtime stories,📚
however it turns out that he'd always be the one who fell asleep first 😪,
yet i was still energized enough to eat🍲, doodle🖌 and run around🏃‍♀️, lol😂

Time flies☄, our roles had exchanged.
I am now the one who calls my parents☎ and tells them the story of my day before their bedtime.
(They still find me annoying because sometimes I just nag too much, hehe💕)

Thank you for everything and I Love You Dad 😚, xoxo.

Tool: My dad's old 7 inch Android Tablet. (The tablet is old, my dad is not🤗)
Application: Medibang Android Version.
Time spent: >5 days.
Theme: /DaddysPrincess

" Daddy, does every princess👸 live in a castle?? 🏰"
" Daddy? "
" Daddy? "

" ZzzzzzzZzzz 😪.... "


Hope you lovelies have a great week ahead😀
Until next time!!! xoxo 💋
Hello hello hello everyone!!😄
I am back with another new post!!😉
It's been busy and I barely have time to draw...😣
What's worst, my aging tablet is uncooperative, I must remind myself to save save save my work every 5 minutes before anything went wrong...😭
Ahh... After going through all of these frustrations... Finally!!🤓
P.S: I am sorry all, if my skill has gone rusty.. It's been a long long time since I finally had time to sit down and draw..😑
I am more than relieved to have this piece done, because so much time was contributed on it.😅
Tool: The uncooperative aging tablet..😯

Stylus: If only I had robot fingers..😓

Application: Medibang Android Version

Time Spent: > N days😫


Trick🎩 or Treat🍭!!
Wrench🔧 or Stench💨!!

Hope you all have a great Halloween!!🎃
Until next time.. bye bye!!💕
Hello all!! 😄 I am back!!
💕Happy Thanksgiving!!💕

Today's post is all about turkey bird, gobble gobble!!🦃

Special artwork for me, as it was my very first time trying 3d modeling!!😶
Everything was magical,🎩
started with a tiny shape, bit by bit, I expanded it📏, I molded it 🛠...
In the end, I sorta created a bird shape, well, maybe.. Lol😂!!

I have to admit that I struggled😆, and I tend to not looking at any references, just to let my creativity flow🛁.
However, looking at the final result, I am still quite satisfied😃! A decent bird shape anyhow😉!

Okay, now.. Where is my Summon Turkey potion🍹??
Gulp.... This potion summoned crazy spinning turkey to draw dizziness on your foes😣!

Introduce to you, my lovely Level 1 Pet Turkey🦃.



Foes: No way!! I am getting giddy!! Get me out of here!!😲

Tell me if you liked about it..😘
Until next time⏳,