a few words for those look for a guild

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captian blackwidow

these are guilds i know about, i have had contact with or have friends in them. their's hunderds of great guilds out there, but i think these stand out.

mcragen.... tried to join this one a couple of years ago, but just got laughed at. i have came across pretty polly a few times. she is a very famous pirate in that guild and is very nice too. so i would think it must be a good guild.

north star clan.... don't have any friends in this one, but did meet some of them awhile back. i was in the mine on ravens cove trying to take on el patrons crew solo, as the guild i was in at the time wouldn't help their own mothers, let alone me. i had died a few times trying and was back in the mine waiting for my health to return. about 6 of the clan were looting the 4 ghosts. they crewed me and i got some good loot. after awhile i asked if they would help me with my quest. they were glad to help and within minutes i had my spine crest sword from el patrons ship. these guys are great and i would rank their guild highly on ones to join.

pixie pyrates...... this is my guild of choice and can't say enough good things about them. not a large guild, but very attive and fun guild. their's always guildies on when you need help. if you want a group where you never get lost in guild chat and not heard, this is the one for you. great pirates, great fun. 5 star guild for sure.

spania..... we have all heard of this one. i have friends and a brother in this mega guild. it must be a great guild because everyone i know in the guild have been there a long time. they have very strong pirates and are at the top of the learder boards evey day. if you like to rank and be on the boards, this one's for you.

wrath of ravens...... i have a couple of friends in this one and they love it. i have hung out with them a few times and had a great time. i have never met their GM, but i understand she is a outstanding and friendly pirate. they are not a ranking guild like some of the others, but you will see them on the leader boards every day. from what i see i could recomend this guild highly.

elite thievery co. ..... no friends in this one, but have only heard good things from friends and others about this guild. they are attive on the fourms and you could ask for more details about the guild there. good one to look into.

honorable mates..... the only thing i know about them is igor is in it. need i say more? lol

thousands of guilds out there, some good, some not so good, find the right one for you and stay in it!:piratemickey:
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