A totally irrelivent story.


Christopher Ramey

It’s not easy being the new kid in school. You have to figure out where the classes are, make new friends learn what lunches to avoid. I had an added problem when I transferred to Karloff Middle School – my locker was haunted.

The only good thing about being in Karloff Middle was my new friends Chance, Summer, Noah, Zack, and, Jordan. I say hi to my friends as I go to my locker at the end of the hall. That’s the worst part of Karloff Middle my locker is haunted today my friends were asking me if it was really haunted.

“One day I looked in the mirror in the back of my locker and saw myself covered in darkness.” I said

“That’s just strange.” Replied chance

We all were looking in the mirror when I noticed something a small black gem as dark as the night lying on the top shelf of my locker.

“Hey what’s that?” I said

I reached up and took the small gem and we stared at it studying its flawless surface.

“It’s pretty.” Said Zack.

“It’s weird.” Replied summer.

Then it happened we all blacked out at the exact same time. I awoke in a desert only it wasn’t hot it was normal sand.

“Where am I?” I thought

“You are in the world of darkness.” Replied a mysterious voice.

“Who are you and where are you?” I said

“My name is Braig I am the ruler of the dark world why have you came here?” Said Braig

“My friends and I arrived here on accident when we found a crystal as black as the night it’s self” I Replied

I looked around to see if I could spot my friends or the man named Braig.

“If you’re looking for your friends there under the tree to your north when you find them leave” Said Braig.

Chapter two

The mysterious man.

I followed where Braig had told me to go I found them and they were all passed out cold

“Wake up Chance.” I said.
“What did I miss?” said chance in a groggy tone.

I’ll tell you all at the same time so help me wake the others. Together we woke everyone up and I told them what Braig had told me.

“You don’t know how to get out do you Chris?” Said summer.

“No he didn’t say but I’m sure he’d tell us” I said.

Just then the mysterious man Braig said to come to his castle.

“Follow the patch into the town of Darkness My castle is beyond the city.” Said Braig.

So we decided to listen to him so we can get home to our families. We arrived at the town of Darkness and we started to enter but a guard stopped us.

“What is your business here outsider?” Said the guard.

“Lord Braig told us to come here and he’d show us how to get out of The World Of Darkness. Said chance.

“Ah we’ve been expecting you follow me I shall take you to his castle.

We followed the guard carefully incase he were to attack us. He was a tall man with long brown hair wearing a Chain mail suit with an emblem on the chest of it that looks like darkness and light.

“This is it Braig castle Lord Braig is just up ahead in the throne room.” Said the guard.

We all walked into the throne room and saw a man sitting on a big chair. The man was about six foot tall black here purple eyes wearing a Short sleeved Shirt with diamonds as black as night encrusted on the collar of the shirt. The man had a sword in his right hand the sheath was White with black diamonds and the sword was a Dark blue stained with blood. I assumed this mad was lord Braig.

“Are you Lord Braig.” Asked Jordan

“Yes and I assume you are the trespassers that were in my Desert of Nightmares.” Said Braig

“Yes so you know how we can escape this place?” I replied

“Ha! Escape? There is no escape guards capture them now!” said Braig pointing at us.

Chapter 3:

The escape.

“I can’t believe I let him trick us like that.” I said while looking around the small jail cell that holds all six of us.

“It’s not your fault Chris he tricked us all. Said Noah

“Right now we just need to find a way to escape this dungeon.” Said summer.

We heard footsteps coming from down the hall. We all stood there quietly no one making a sound. Then a short old man appeared in front of the cell and unlocked the door

“My name is Zalron leave here now before Braig finds out what I have done, Go find the gypsy Fabola and say the crow caws at midnight.” Said Zalron

“Ok.” We all replied.

We were back in the Town of darkness when Braig’s Voice boomed over the city.


“Uh-oh we better get to Fabola fast. I said.

We continued on to Fabola’s house on the far end of town and knocked on the door.

A small slot in the door opened up and a pair of eyes looked out.

What’s the password?” Said the person behind the door.

“The crow caws at midnight.” I replied

A series of locks were unlocked on the inside of a door and then a tall woman with black hair wearing a brown dress rushed us inside. It was a small hut with several potions drinks and colorful elixirs lining the walls.

“I don’t know about this.” Whispered summer.

“Don’t be afraid I’m here to help you” Said Fabola.

Chapter 4:

Fabola the Gypsy.

Tell me how you outsiders got into this dark world and why do you know the password?”Said Fabola.

We told Fabola everything that had happened sense we got into the world of darkness.

“Tell me do you still have that black crystal that brought you here?” Said Fabola.

“Yes.”I replied

Fabola disappeared into the hut and returned with a Gauntlet made from some kind of gem.

“This is a relic of the World Of Darkness.” Said Fabola.

She took the crystal that brought us here and placed it in a notch on the gauntlet.

Then she handed it to me.

“This is called the gauntlet of nightmares you will need to get back to your world in order to you will need to get the gauntlet of light in the World Of Light.” Said Fabola

“How do we get to the world of light?” Asked Noah.

“You will need to cross the desert of Darkness it is very dangerous you will need something to defend your selves with.” Said Fabola.

“Here take these.” She said while handing a sword to everyone but me.

“That gauntlet can make the worst nightmares come to life and attack your enemies now you need to leave to the World Of Light.”

We left the gypsy woman in the hut and headed to the Desert Of Darkness. On our way there we ran into the guard who took us to Braig.

“Hold it right there.” Said the guard while pointing his sword at me

“I’m under strict orders to bring you to Braig alive……. Or dead and I’m not a forgiving type so are you going to come peacefully?” Said the guard

“No! We have to get back to our world.” Said Jordan

I held up the gauntlet of nightmares and imagined the man being attacked by a squirrel.

The man was attacked by a hoard of squirrels and when they stopped the man was dead.

I felt bad I had killed a man not even over the age of thirty…..

“Whoa that was wicked.” Said Noah.

Chapter 5:

The Desert of Darkness

“This is the same desert we passed out in.” said Zack

“Fabola said to head north toward the light right Chris?” Asked Summer.

“Yea.” I replied

We proceeded into the desert and started heading toward the light. Then Noah heard a clicking sound and stopped us.

“What’s that sound?” I said looking around.

Then a giant beetle jumped out of the ground and attacked Noah.

“What the! Get that off of him!” I said raising the gauntlet preparing for a fight.

But it was too late the beetle had killed Noah. I thought of an army of smaller beetles fighting with the bigger one. The beetle was covered in bugs but didn’t seem to notice then the gauntlet began to glow. A beam of darkness came from it and seemed it wanted me to use it as a sword. Then the giant beetle turned to chance and I only had a split second to react.

“Attack!” I said lunging toward the beetle.

Just before the beetle got Chance Zack and I slashed it with our swords from both sides.

The beetle turned to me and charged I ran at it and stuck it on the head. At that moment chance jumped on its back and stabbed it and killed it.

“No! I could have saved Noah if I had just been faster! I cried.

“It’s not your fault Chris that beetle was to fast when it launched from the ground for any of us to save him.” Reassured Chance.

But that did little to cheer me up.

“Let’s keep going for his death will be in vain.”

“Ok.” Said the others in unison.

Chapter 6:

The World Of Light.

When we arrived the first thing we saw was a giant tower. It looked as if it was made of some kind of white gem. The city was large and bright happy people everywhere beyond the gate.

“Somewhere in there is our ticket home.” I said

“Yea.” Replied chance.

We walked up to the gate and started to go in when to guards stopped us.

“Who goes there?” Said one of the guards.

He was a tall fellow black hair a beard and a spear in his right and dressed in a shiny gold armor.

“We need to get in and find the gauntlet of light so we can return home.” Replied summer.

The other guard was shorter with brown hair blue eyes and holding a sword made of gold.

“My name is Sir Joshua.” Said the tall guard.

“And mine is Sir Patrick.” Said the guard with the gold sword.

We explained everything that had happened to us sense we were brought to this world

“Sounds like you need an audience with the queen.” Said Joshua.

The guards Patrick and Joshua escorted us to the royal palace the tower we saw looked to be part of the castle maybe an armory. It looked to be heavily guarded and through the windows you can see racks of weapons.

“I bet the gauntlet of light is in that tower.” I muttered to Zach

The guards led us to a large throne room where a young girl dressed all in white with a gold headband on sat in a large seat

“Are you the queen?” Asked Jordan

“Yes I am the queen of the world of light.” Said the girl

Chapter 7:

The Queen.

“Aren’t you a little young to be the queen of a world?” I asked.

“Aren’t you a little young to be using one of the most powerful weapons of this world, but anyways my name is Isabella why are you here?”

“We were told we need the gauntlet of light and the gauntlet of Nightmares to get back to our world.” Said Chance.

We explained everything that had happened to us sense we arrived in this world. The queen sat there and muttered to one of her guards something I couldn’t make out but Chance did.

I saw his eyes get a panicked look.

“I don’t like this, she told her guard to go get the beetles.” Said chance.

A moment later the same guard came back holding some kind of an orb and then 5 giant beetles followed behind him.

“We don’t have the gauntlet of light Braig does… he stole it during a war we had a few years ago about who gets the territory of the desert that he calls the Desert of Darkness the one you passed through to get here, take these beetles kill Braig bring back the Gauntlet of Light and you may keep it to go back to your world.”

“Kill him!?!?! How! Isn’t he supposed to be the strongest warier in this world???” I asked taking a fearful tone.

“Yes he is but you have the gauntlet of darkness and my army to back you up use these beetles to get there. He keeps the gauntlet in an armory south of his castle. No doubt its heavily guarded you will need to beat Braig in order to get it but if you can get it without seeing him get the gauntlet first then kill him.

“Guys it looks like we don’t have a choice here we have to kill Braig.” I said

Chapter 8:

The Final stand

We got on the beetles and rode out into the desert with Queen Isabella’s army following she provided each of us with armor and proper weapons and equipment. When we reached the City of Darkness Braig had already assembled his army and was waiting for us.

“How did he know we were coming!?!?!” I asked.

“It’s his world there just living in it remember?” said Zack.

We charged head first into the army the beetles knocking people away easily when we got to the gate to enter the city it was closed. The beetles started to scale the wall and we were in the city.

“There it is the armory.” I said.

“Look out!” Screamed Jordan

I turned around and saw a guard about to stab chance in the back. I turned around as fast as I could and attacked the man with the shadow sword that the Gauntlet of nightmares maintained.

I blocked several of his attacks and he stumbled and tripped over a rope and fell to his doom off the wall.

“Let’s go.” Said summer.

When we finally arrived at the armory we took out the guards and got inside and there it was a gauntlet as gold as the sun I assumed it was the Gauntlet of Light. I walked over and picked it up then put it on my other hand. Then we saw him Braig had just walked into the door and was now running at us prepared to strike. Without thinking I jumped in front of the others and used the gauntlet of shadow’s sword to attack Braig as soon as our blades met there was a flash of light.

The gauntlet of light began to glow and it produced a Sphere of energy and I heard a voice telling me to aim it at Braig and fire it. And so I did I heard a scream and Braig fell to his knees.

“Don’t think this is over yet” said Briag.

Then he did the unthinkable he changed into a being of pure darkness.

Chapter 9:

Braig’s Demise.

I positioned the shadow sword to stick then Zack and Chance Did the same beside me summer was dealing with some guards that had snuck up behind us. Zack Chance and I dove forward and stabbed at Braig but he avoided the attack. I aimed the Gauntlet of light at him once more and fired. The blow hit him square on the chest and then while he was dazed Zack chance and I lunged at him once more I hit him and he stumbled back then Jordan Stabbed him again with his sword and I shot him with the gauntlet of light once more and finished him.

“It can’t be I am the most powerful Warier this world has ever seen how did this

happened!?!?!” Cried Braig.

“You are to obsess with power to see us walk right under your nose and beat you if your heart wasn’t so clouded with darkness maybe you could have beaten us.” I said

We returned to the queen and showed her that we had the gauntlet of Nightmares and the gauntlet of Light.

“Take the gauntlets and put them on that pedestal over there parallel to each other.” said Isabella.

We did as she said and a portal opened beside the pedestal.

“Is this how we get home?” I asked

“Yes it is now go through and live your lives in peace.” Said Isabella.

We went through and were back at my locker at Karloff middle. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Noah and rand up and confronted him

“Your alive!” I said

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He asked

“Aw never mind.” I said and we all walked to the bus together to go home.