Suggestion Allow embedding media from more sources

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Honorable Pirate
I've always used Imgur for storing my screenshots on the internet for posting publicly, but I've taken to Gfycat lately for sharing short videos. It's great for that kind of content, like showing someone where something is in a menu bar because it's easier than writing out steps, sharing short recordings for a bug report, or showing my graphical work to friends.

I've also noticed that I'm less likely to click on a video that isn't embedded, and I expect that I'm not alone there. I believe that the pretty colors of a thumbnail will always be more enticing than just the name or URL of a video.

To remedy this and increase engagement, I suggest that we should be able to be embed media from sites such as Imgur and Gfycat.. because who can be bothered to upload their media to YouTube?

If you have yet another source to allow media from, or a different opinion, feel free to reply below.

Shamus The Brute

Site Founder
Not sure the reasoning behind limitations (on forms of media that can actually be embedded) but perhaps the logic has to do with this forums permitting the “safest,” family-oriented forms of media as possible given the wide range of demographics/age-groups which do frequent the forums.