Blog Post An Urgent Letter


Honorable Pirate
Is the game going back up right at this time for us to log on, or is the game still being down a delay to this letter? Letter's deadline is in 50 minutes if I read it correctly, and the game is down and has been for about 5 hours.

I am assuming we just have to go to Tortuga in general, and it isn't a be there in 50 minutes to hear the actual meeting place.


whoa 5 hours then if that is the case :confused: they may be in the process of finishing testing. and is in the process of fixing bugs.


This major update is suppose to be for the new gm event that is suppose to be today! however for how long this update has been taking I'm sure they are working on several bugs that the game has been experiencing lately such as the repeated invasions issues. I'm sure in a little while we all can get back into the game and figure out what is going on soon and hopefully with better and clearer gaming experiences.