Anyone Had Potco In Game Music Collection?

Misty Moonlight

Site Founder
i would love to have music or soundtrack from our game, anyone ever compile it? share ur link and me would love to download it. ;)

It seems like(not positive though) our Davy Darkrage posted a link somewhere on these forums with every soundtrack -new and old- at one time. But, you will have to do your own legwork there and find out. : - )

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
got it. Hey this is about the POTC music but do you think you could find the ringing sound when the main title comes out for Pirates of the Caribbean like they did with the first movie and the rest of the other movies so far. It's like a daaaaunn.. lol I can't do the sound right. I wonder if there are any new sounds with the recent Infamy update or new things in the Phase File's.. oh how I love New Content xD lol

Shamus The Brute

The "fighting" music of CUBA (when we were able to slay 'gators found within the ankle-deep waters of the 'main' island) is what I sincerely loved the most and if someone could find a way to post that music here, that would be wonderful! ;)