Apple Stealer!

Now why in the world would Jeremiah Dedman steal Barbossa's Apple? Maybe because he is a member of the Casa de Muertos? XD
Lol it's like Barbossa just walks by and sees his apple in Jeremiah's hand. GIVE ME MY APPLE!
lol that would be funny. Barbossa is walking by he sees the apple. " Um is that my apple" " NO it is my apple" " You lier you stole it from be now it has cootes arrr give me t back arrrr I make me undead monky eat yer fingers" " NOOOO don't please here take it" He tosses a core Barbossa yells in rage! " you fool ok Jack eat hiss fingers arrrr waaaaaaaawwwaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He cryes untill he sees that the whole time he was standing next to and apple cart the yells fro Jack who has just finished his meal grabs an apple and walks away singing "yo ho yo ho I like me apple alot"