Aquaman (spoiler/Review)

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    Spoiler Alert/Disclaimer: Do not proceed to read any further if especially you do not want to learn addition information about this movie! ;)

    “Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together...” - Jules Verne

    A world of WET - not moist (I really hate the word ‘moist’)! This has always interested me. I do not know why. Maybe I am part fish. This would explain the aquarist within me. I’ve been to Sea World.

    I am extremely happy I “shelled” out $21.90 today (towards the purchasing of a single ticket to this movie, a large buttered popcorn, and a oversized wet of Mountain Dew). The movie was well plotted and the acting itself was great! My bladder hates me now but who cares.

    This movie is a must see! ;) Some big time actors/actresses were involved and normally this is a bad thing. Not so within “Aquaman.” (The film’s roster included Depp’s ex - Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, the Hispanic dude whom portrayed Star Wars’ [cloned] Fett, the pretty boy in Phantom of Opera movie, and a character villain of Green for the earlier Spider Man films). A bunch of Brine make an appearance too as well as a bunch of pitch forks!

    This movie, to me, had plenty of action. It was like a cross between “Avatar” and the movie “Splash!” If I actually loved oysters, the floor around my seat would have been littered to no end! (The slight touch of romance too invoked a craving for tartar sauce). Yes, I was that_moved.

    The beautiful locale (land) scenes occurring in Italy made one forget, temporarily, that this film dealt primarily with sibling rivalry, revenge, sacrifice, and ocean preservation. By the time the plot thickened, I kept my cheeks on the edge of my seat waiting for Sparrow or Boot Strap Bill to make an appearance. *YES, pirates and piracy was an underlying theme!

    My friend, go watch this movie!!! ;) I know that I loved it and I feel compelled now to tattoo scales over my whole body. In fact...and this is no lie...I enjoyed this movie so much that after I left the theater I went to the grocery store and bought a bag of “fish sticks!” So...
    ...I am now OCEAN MASTER.