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I'm going to start posting some backgrounds for signature for anybody to use. Will, Will Nightwolf or anybody who is willing to help design, please feel free to use these to put the signatures together. I will continuously add to this collection along the way. Anybody who can help add to the collection is welcomed to do so.

There are 3 things that are needed to be on the signature: image of pirate(s), text and background.
For you who want to use any of these, please provide additional information as follows:

1. Take a good screen shot of your pirate(s), close-up or full-frame, as large as possible. It is easier to extract an image if its big, and it will have more details. The designer can resize as needed. Do not include any other ppl/object that covers your pirate.
Tips: Your options are frontal, side or angled view. Be creative! Do not upload more than 3 images; it gets confusing and is totally a waste of storage space.

2. Provide a general idea of text you would like to put on your signature, or no text at all.
Tips: Do not put too many text like a newspaper. It's not necessary and unattractive. Remember, your background might already be 'busy' looking. Brief and informative is the best. Although you can 'advertise' yourself if you want to. Remember, there is only so much room on the signature. If you want to tell stories, find another media.

3. Choose the background. Once your signature is completed, if there are more backgrounds coming out, please be understanding not to change your mind too soon or don't change your mind at all. Wait in line, and maybe in the future you will get a chance to update yours once a fixed system is created by the Admins of this forum.

4. Be tolerant and grateful. Have empathy. The ppl who are willing to help design signatures are doing them voluntarily. Don't be bossy or 'difficult', or you are welcomed to do your signature yourself.

5. If you have any more ideas for background, you may post them here. I will try to take screen shots around the Carribean. Or you can provide your high-resolution screen shots here. As for being granted to be custom-designed, that's a whole new story ...

Thank you and have fun!

bg 1 goldroom padres.jpg Tormenta Gold Room-Padres
bg 2 tormenta jolly.jpg Jolly Roger-Tormenta
Here are more backgrounds; same idea in 4 different colors. I put mine in there as an example. If anybody wants to use any of these, they can put their pirate image and whatever text they want on the plank. I saturated and screened the colors on purpose, so that your pirate will stand out against the background.

Will, these are for you to take and use if you prefer to!

bg 3 wood plank jolly frigate brown.jpg bg 3 wood plank jolly frigate grey.jpg bg 3 wood plank jolly frigate red.jpg bg 3 wood plank jolly frigate blue.jpg


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    bg 3 wood plank jolly frigate.jpg
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Wow those are some good ones Jade. Can you make one about SvS and stuff. It doesn't have to be SvS only.
Sure, I will ... I just have to ride on somebody else's ship first ... since I'm not good at it
... But I will take screen shots!
I need clear view, so please hit F12 first to clear all text, then F9 to actually take the snapshot. I need close and middle ranges (no long shots because I need details), and not too crowd. Angled view is always the best (not frontal or sideways).


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EDIT (Feb 14, 2011 at 4:02 PM):

Sorry it took so long. Couldn't find quiet servers


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Those are good, Basil ... you need your pirates close-up, right? Face each other on the left and right? Or I'll figure it out ...
Btw, I also set mine 1280 x 720.