Glitch  Basic Access Glitch...?

Constance O'hara

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Well I have a membership for a year and it charges automatically to the card each year... but when I logged on I was a basic access... Anyone else been through this, or knows how to fix it?? I wrote several vicious letters to Disney and several nice letters but they gave no response. Anyone know how to fix this? I despise staying a basic lvl 46 forever. This is also the second time it has happened... :cursing::mad::cursing:

~ idk if something like this was already posted.~

Bart Gunshot

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This happened to my brother and to fix it i logged him off then back on it fixed it... i think thats how to fix it it worked for my bro so try it for you


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yes it happend to me i was so angry so i just logg off and came back on it fixed it self

Will Nightwolf

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IF your credit card is in good standing just sometime you should cancel the sub and pay for another year or however long you want. But make sure they havent charged you yet.