Best Boss?

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
Hi there mates! I was over at Minertown (AKA Rat's Nest) and lo and behold General Sandpine, one of the four leaders of Jolly Roger's evil armada, was there throwing greandes at some lower leveled pirates.
"That's not nice" I said as I rushed up with my veanomed cutlass. I haven't fought him in years but I thought this would be a piece of cake. I hack and slashed and I was winning but suddenly he fell off the cliff. So I was standing there a moment and wondering what to do.
Then an explosion was heard and fire bursted from the sky. Ol' Sandy kept fighting me from below! I jumped down and we fought by the waterfall. He kept moving around and falling off the cliff. The bugger wouldn't stay still! It took me five minuets to finally kill him.
Now he isn't the strongest boss, not even close, but I like leveling up on him because fighting him is fun and challenging! I feel like a real pirate when fighting him because he doesn't stand there mindlessy, he takes cover. He is a smart opponent and fun to fight.
What are your thoughts of Ol' Sandy?
I don't know.....I think Darkheart is my favorite.....he will come at you with evil in his eyes....and if you are in a group and you are the one with most hits....he will focus in on you for the kill!