Shamus The Brute

Here in the US...much attention has been given to the problem of bullying amongst school-age children, both within their community as well as "online" via social networking sites.

Thinking about my own experiences, I began to realize that maybe on POTCO the same type of problem exist too. (You know what I 'mean')?

As you read this thread, think to yourself if you have you ever witnessed a unlimited player bullying/showing prejudice/having rude behavior towards a basic player? To be honest, I have. Also, I have been a vicitim in this way as well when I first began to play POTCO some 2 years ago as basic player.

I am making an assumption here...but...I feel the majority of basic players are mainly kids trying to have fun online (& not rather as young adults or adults taking game seriously for achievement & personal accomplishment).


It makes me feel bad a lot of times when I witness a unlimited player being "MEAN" to a basic player. A paid subscription on the game should give each of us whom are unlimited a certain level of responsibility to promote COMMUNITY within the game by not dicriminating against others. This includes basic pirates.


*So...the next time you find yourself on the game & you sense that a basic player is really a kid...think back to when Y-O-U were a child, pre-teen, or teenager with:
  • silly ideas/questions
  • sensitive feelings
  • raging hormones
  • not thinking ahead
Let's each make this game an improvement in someone else's life. Next time you log onto POTCO, take a moment to think about the basic player, look deep within yourself...and...find the child again that is still there somewhere in your heart :)
I've been playing this game since nearly it's release and have a few mastered pirates.. but I think like most people here, I did not start out with a paid subscription but rather played as a basic until I understood what the game was about and was anxious to have more privileges. I think if we all remember back to those days we can offer understanding to those who are new and are learning the game. Like Shamus, I think the better direction is to have some tact and decency and help them when you can. I think it's okay not to help if you so choose but then just go about your busniess without leaving a rude remark behind. My final piece of advice.. if the low lvl basic player is being rude.. walk or tp away.. simple.
i also was a basic till i hit the limit then i got a subscription. and ya know what i used to be a major jerk to basics when i first got unlimited. but about a month later i realized how gorrible it was to be like that. so i stopped.
now i know what you are saying, and i am one of those persons who levels new pirates at the fort, where i find high levels with staffs taking all the points, and being rude to low levels, so i ask nicely for them to play at kings wood, they tell me free country, so i say, i brb, there is always someone out there higher than you, so you will see what it is like to have someone steal your points and be rude to you, then i bring bella, crew everyone in the fort but them, use my staff which is mastered take every point till they leave, and then i use a doll and spend an hour there just healing low levels so they can hit twice as high. But having said, that also,...a guy comes up to me, and is lude, i dont care if he is a kid or not, i tell him to back off,..cause he needs to learn that is not good behavior and is not acceptable. You know what else is fun, see not much left when we are master pirates left to do, i like take low levels to tormenta,..and having a blast, can keep them alive with a doll, and to them is someplace they wont be able to see for quite awhile unless you take them there. Was my friend Zoro, he was level 50, he did that for me, when i was a low level,..and i never forgot that, same as his taking me to darkheart. i do that with them me,. is all about having fun,...just jumping up and down,.. being my silly self,..(well mybe except when i sailing, people know me as taking that a little more serious, but playing on land,..that all just fun and games, i show you the type of stuff i do,....this one of my favorite, screenshots of a glitch of a low pirate of mine, anyone know it? (if you can read the chat i told him it was a shot gun wedding he had to pick one, he didnt like that idea, lololol):woot: but that is what it is all about just having fun...!
i remember when my other pirate, jordan the first, was only level 14 (last month... lol). there was a guy who kept calling me a noob and saying I didn't deserve to be fighting at dark hart, so i told him about rose and he called me a liar, so i player friended him and i ended up getting to stay at dark hart, after a pvp using rose :cool:
well what do you have to say to that^ i do have a parrot

Bella, it's ok, Corey is fine ... We goof around all the time. If I ever object whatever he's done (or anybody's done), I'd definitely give my piece of mind. :D

Now both of you have some 'annoying' parrots to keep you 'busy' ... um, listening to them yapping all the time ... :p ... :lol1:
When I was basic no one liked me lol until I was lv 16 and I pvp three 50 with me blunder buss don't ask me how but I got three kills on them each and one then I had three new friends lol don't remember there names. but I like this thread I have seen many a basic player be bulled by higher lv than them I also think that calling them noobs is not right unless u know they know what it means and that is just say that they are inexperienced they are mostly kids and have no clue what it means they will be offended. and yes they do. Do some weird things thats kid for u I used to do things like that and I am sure u did to. I have seen some funny thing like twice in one day I was wearing a hat over me mohawk two diff people below lv 13 said why r u bald then quickly tp away lol. They are always saying I live in this house lol um i do the same thing though but I don't make people leave I mean when u are a kid it is fun to say i live here I think Pirated should ad rooms on ship where u can keep stuff lol anyways I like this thread and thanks.;) I also love pizza!
This is a real problem in the game. People can be mean. Some people can't afford/don't want to pay for the game. So what? Level is only a number. People are a whole different story...
This is a real problem in the game. People can be mean. Some people can't afford/don't want to pay for the game. So what? Level is only a number. People are a whole different story...

I am SO in agreement with you...Bobby :iagree:. "Thanks" for commenting.
People always do this. If you ever go to abassa theres always arguments. That's why I'm glad Disney gave us an ignore button.