Buccaneer Boot Camp


Honorable Pirate
Buccaneer Boot Camp
December 06, 2010

Keep this very, very quiet ... the Navy might be listening ... /looks around ... okay, I think it's safe.
This weekend, December 10, 11 and 12, the Marceline Guild invites you to share your weaponry wisdom and cunning techniques with everyone at some super secret locations.

"THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!" - Grog Blogger
Ssssshhhh ... I said keep it down. We don't want word of this getting to the Navy. I mean, if they heard that Pirates were meeting in large groups, well, that would give them a lot of reasons to crash our event and we don't want that ... do we? (Keep your answers to a slight whisper.)
If you've wanted to learn how to get the most out of those looted weapons, this is a perfect time. Meet a seasoned Marceline guild member and find out the best way to take down all your foes with ease. Join us and show off your newest musket, blunderbuss, broadsword and discuss the coolest things you've done with those tools.
Has a Rage Ghost ever knocked you down?
Has Jolly's attacks sent you to the slammer?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions, you must attand to get the answers you will need to survive.
Pirates - please spread this word to only the most trusted ally. We don't want any unwanted visitors showing up unannounced. Together we must keep up the fight against those that want us gone.
What: Buccaneer Boot Camp
Where: Secret Locations to be announced before the event. (Check back soon)
When: December 10, 11 and 12
I read the Marceline Guild invites you to share your weaponry and got excited that we might be able to trade then I kept reading and got sad. Ps I agree this seems like a pointless event wich lately disney keeps doing like the halloween ball.
I agree Captain. I seems like it is for newer pirates who need some pointers?

And yes, another pointless event. I have been to several and they all seem the same a group of pirates usually causing trouble being rude and way too much lag.... I don't attend any of these events any more. :skullpeak:
I have to agree with the above statements about being kinda lame, and there's always the jerks jumping around and being obnoxious with their weapons. Although I'm gonna try to attend, see if they actually reveal any helpful info
haha.... The most exiting thing about this, is how on earth the GM are gonna keep the event on the track. I might show up to get some tecnics to handle rude kids. Rofl
I've been to a couple similar events with the GM's and I agree with most here pretty pointless and the GM's generally don't give out any info that would be useful, they sort of throw out some teasers about things that might be coming to POTCO but never seem to materialize, the events are a lagfest filled with a lot of obnoxious players.
haha.... The most exiting thing about this, is how on earth the GM are gonna keep the event on the track. I might show up to get some tecnics to handle rude kids. Rofl
They never fully can. :( They always tell people to back up and give them some room, which I always do, but everybody else keeps using their weapons and jumping all around! I always get so annoyed by them, and what's even worse is that the drink all of the rum! Right when I need it most!:rumgone:
Many Pirates joined the Buccaneer Boot Camp to learn effective uses of skills and weapons but alas, what was to be a secretive event turned into a raid by Navy personnel! Word spread to the top ranking Navy Officers and they struck at the opportunity to interrogate Pirates as they gathered en masse. Here are a few images of what transpired:

The Royal Navy tries to spy on Pirate activity in the Old Warehouse on Port Royal.

Thomas Bennet and Arthur Gale look down on Pirate activity.

Pirates attempt to act casual as to not raise suspicion from any Royal Navy agents.

Chaos breaks out when the Navy begin with their threats of imprisonment for any Pirate known to engage in acts against the Royal Crown.

Navy Captain Wentworth Rothwell is overcome by a Pirate horde!

The Navy GMs threaten and act against Pirates who do not give into their demands!