Calling All Testers - Update (6/24/11)

Captain Star

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Calling All Testers – UPDATE
June 24, 2011

New updates continue sailing into the Test Server, including several changes to
"Scoundrel of the Seas":

  • Strengthened masts and sails on Bounty Hunters and Warships

  • Popup messages for sinking ships no longer block view or have a border around them

  • Fixed a recurring crash with the "Scoundrel of the Seas" levels

  • Removed "Scoundrel of the Seas" level while in Privateering (PvP) mode

  • Fixed a crash with Infamy

  • Fixed a crash that occurred during the Black Pearl Boss battle

  • If you have been unable to install or update the Game Launcher, please download the new Test Launcher by clicking here for PC or here for Mac
Fair winds this weekend!
We look forward to your feedback so log onto the Test Server now!

Please Note: If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for future invites to the Test Server, sign up here. Please be sure to verify whether you meet the qualifications prior to signing up.

Remember to use the 'Send Feedback' button on the Options Menu ('Esc' or F7 key) to report any bugs you find, or by using the bug reporting form.

to be eligible to Test all new content before it goes Live!


Hmm, it says 'Unknown Publisher' I'm keeping my old launcher. At least it still has Disney as the publisher and it is still updating :D

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
I hope they didn't mess up another update and make the bounty hunters impossible to sink :mad: The SOTL was hard enough to sink already :rolleyes:

Igor Greybeard

Igor say no way mate!! Igor is liking this update very much!! Igor say they just making it so Hunters not made sitting ducks!!

Misty Moonlight

Site Founder
Agrees with Igor! What's the point in shooting at a ship that is dead-in-the-water?! Having a little fun with the Chase part of it..heheh. Strategy and a good crew is the key. Don't complain about the is supposed to be hard! They are Bounty Hunters! And they are coming to take your loot! Be Afraid!
I think it will be funny to see admirals run from hunters in regular plundering because half of them couldn't sail correct to save their lives....:lol1:
Arrrr!!!! Too true Constance O'hara! Just making Admiral does not mean you can sail! I made Admiral the first day that the noteriety came out. Most of the ships that came out were inexperienced folks in War Galleons that were easy targets for anyone who was an experienced privateer! The Admiral icon is fun to have, but honestly does not mean that they are any better of a sailor than anyone else :O) Just means they sank some folks in privateering :O)