Guide Calvin's Guide to Voodoo Doll Leveling


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This will be a fairly short guide explaining how to reach level 20 and beyond with your voodoo doll in a short amount of time. This may already be known by experienced players, but newer players may benefit from this guide.

Once you have reached level 5 and have completed the quest to unlock the voodoo doll, you'll probably want to gain some levels in it. The voodoo doll is a very versatile weapon in Pirates Online, and knowing how to effectively level it will benefit you greatly.

You'll want to start off by leveling your doll to at least level 5, which shouldn't be very hard at all. This can be done with any level of enemy. Once you've done that, invest all of your skill points (which should be four skill points) into the Attune Doll skill. This will let you attune the doll to five enemies at once.

If your notoriety level is 5-10, you'll want to head to Fort Charles at Port Royal and attune the dolls to any green or yellow leveled enemies. You can do red leveled enemies, but it's not needed. You should begin farming them then.

If your notoriety level is 15-25, you'll want to head to Cutthroat Isle or Kingshead and attune the doll to multiple enemies there, and then you should begin farming them. You should continue doing this until the enemy levels drop to grey.

If your notoriety level is 25-35, you'll want to head to Padres Del Fuego and farm the enemies in the caves there. You can also farm General Darkhart if you're up to the challenge.

If your notoriety level is above 35, you'll want to head straight to Isla Tormenta and farm the rest of the levels there.

The maximum amount of experience points you can get out of an enemy with the doll is 115 experience points. The reason you'll want to be farming the specific enemy levels mentioned above is due to the fact that you can only reach 115 experience points from an enemy after you've dealt enough damage to them with the doll. If you've attuned multiple enemies, you can effectively gain a lot of experience points if you've done enough damage to each of them to where it would equal 115 experience points upon their death. This is why the Attune Doll skill is very important. It allows you to fight multiple enemies, making it less tedious to farm them.

Note that your voodoo doll's damage splits with however many enemies you've attuned to the doll. So if your Poke skill does 100 damage to a single enemy, it would split and do 50 damage to both of them. Please keep this in mind.

Here is a voodoo doll leveling chart that you can use to better understand how voodoo doll leveling works.


Thank you for reading this guide.