Event  Cannon Defense Day

Will you be there and how long?

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Hey all you people who r looking for famed cannon rams :D! im going to get together some of the best cannon defense players and we will see how far we can go in cannon defense! your host will be meh ( christopher ropeward ) antik,andaba,abassa,and andoso port royal ( cannon defense ) 7/10/11 All day long! If you cant come the whole time u can stay a portion would love to have you there! ( i will only be at won cannon deffense game on each server over and over

Igor Greybeard

Igor say good luck mates!!! Igor would love to attend however Igor's player must work on Sunday!!


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last min notice
bring all your friends to cannon defense day!
the C servers port royal
ill be waiting on the first C server the dock of port royal