Cannon Defense Feb 02

Adhy Roman

Site Founder
If u do with Igor, more be higher, Mate.. we just luck,. 2 person stay till end inlcuding me.. my pc and disney very friendly today,..

Igor Greybeard

Igor say nice one mate!!!
Igor say the updates are to be dealing with conection issues so maybe all of our crash reports got through!!
Igor say thats one of the best rounds of CD Igor seen since the RC update mate!!
Igor have hope for the 150 now!!!!

Igor ask get any new rams mate?

Adhy Roman

Site Founder
nope, just same ram, was looking for cajun but still no luck at Rhys,. Adhy, rique and chili had it..


Site Founder
Dang LoL, Almost 4 hours in Cannon Defense. I can't even SvS for that long... Nice run though!!!

Adhy Roman

Site Founder
the next day, i try cd with my just made pirate, she was lvl 10 and had lvl 10 cannon, i damage ship just half from normal,. no barrage fill, only at shoot and rapid reload.. and make us to waves 72.. ty for my best partner who back up me.. not getting revenant yet, just haunted


Big Bang Ghost Rule CD !