Cap'ain Walter Our Leader And Legend

Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate
Captain Walter was the Guild Master of the Marceline Guild, who led the charge against recent aggression by the East India Trading Company against pirates in the islands. His act led him to have become public enemy number one in the eyes of the Black Guard, who actively seeked him to pay for his traitorous deeds. He was the captain of The Magic, a War Frigate; the Black Shark, a War Galleon; the Shadow Rogue, a War Sloop. During the fight against his enemies who were bound to undermine piracy and freedom, the good Cap'n lost in a duel with his old friend - Ezekiel Rott.
Ghostly Appearance
Soon after his death he appeared on Cuba as a GM in a weird bluish ghost like form. He has been muttering a message to all pirates.
This is a sample of what he has been saying in ghost form:
"...I'm so weak...Find the Marceline Guild...Help them uncover the truth"
People started claiming that Walter was stranded somewhere, but Sandra Tew confirmed that she no longer senses his presence in the air. He is dead.
The "uncovering of the truth" may have been a statement for asking pirates to question Rott on what happened...
lol yet another thread i think i started and disney has officially stopped this even and left captain walters fate as is which is wrong because walter rep walt disney and without walt disney this game has nothing.... man i have to stop correcting myself this game never realy had much even now it just been small updates besides el patrns weapons
Why did they
Make him die and then rwturn him
Anywayy!! I know disneys imagination im sure in sometime the capt will return with an armada or something ..) you know they r trying to make a base for thier next plot maybe it will be chapter tow or three
Can they bring him back to life or give us a new quest? Captian Walter is a very important part of the game!
I feal so sorry for him he got murdered lol I mean waaaaaaahhhhh waaaaahhhh