Event Christmas SvS! (Community SvS #8) - December 25th

Leon Hexmalley

Pirate Apprentice
Christmas SvS.png


Its the season of giving! Naturally for the privateers of of the Caribbean this means its time to take as much from each other as they can! The great Christmas plunder is upon us, and the pirates wouldn't dare miss this chance give their friends and foes all they've got! Whether you've been to the last events or haven't, you are invited to come join us this Christmas for the 8th community svs!

All players be welcome! Whether sailing under a privateer flag be something you're new to... or have been doing for a long time...

Now for some specifics, savvy?

When: Wednesday, December 25th @
10:00 pm EASTERN
9:00 pm CENTRAL
8:00 pm MOUNTAIN
7:00 pm PACIFIC

Where: The French Island! - Ile d'Etable de Porc on the Valor server

How: Sail on over to the Ocean of Valor and make your way to the French Island! There the crews will be forming, and the word will be spreading about when the privateers will launch!