Event Community SVS #10 - March 7th

Lord Gold Air

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Ahoy there Pirates, the call to challenge has been made and promise of great plunder awaits! Bring your crew as well as your strongest ships and set sail towards our 10th Community SvS Event! It's a sight for sore eyes and something you surely wouldn't want to miss! Everyone is invited to participate with us for this event regardless whether you're a new pirate coming in, or an old pirate wearing out, we encourage that everyone cleans out and shimmy shine those cannons, wash those sails, and come and join us out on the seas!


, March 7th @
10:00 pm EASTERN
9:00 pm CENTRAL
8:00 pm MOUNTAIN
7:00 pm PACIFIC

Where: The French Island! - Ile d'Etable de Porc on the Valor server

How: Sail on over to the Ocean of Valor and make your way to the French Island! There the crews will be forming, and the word will be spreading about when the privateers will launch!
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Lord Gold Air

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Is there a way we can move this to 9 PM EST? I live in the U.K......
I actually tried to set the last community SVS event at 9:00 EST and not to many people showed up to it. I somewhat stole off Leon's original event times in hopes to get the most people possible, but I'll try to see what I can do.