Event Community SvS #4 - October 11

Leon Hexmalley



Tensions rising among rivals! Garcia of Greed has not sated his appetite for french gold, and has made plans to attack once again! French spies got wind of this to Peter the Pig, and now both captains are spending their coffers in preparation for the coming bout. The bounty rises with rivalry, and the Voyager has seen the gold to be made. The Pirates of the Caribbean have been called upon once more, to seek fame and fortune for their fleet and flagships.

All players be welcome! Whether sailing under a privateer flag be something you're new to... or have been doing for a long time...

Now for some specifics, savvy?

When: Friday, October 11th @
9:00 pm EASTERN
8:00 pm CENTRAL
7:00 pm MOUNTAIN
6:00 pm PACIFIC

Where: The French Island! - Ile d'Etable de Porc on the VALOR server

How: Sail on over to the Ocean of Valor and make your way to the French Island! There the crews will be forming, and the word will be spreading about when the privateers will launch!
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