Continue The Remember Me Story?

Should The Remember Me Story Be Continued?

  • No ( If it's not getting enough attention, then don't continue)

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  • Yes, but take a break from writing and come back later

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Basil Darkratte

Site Founder
Right now, Im thinking about if I should continue the Remember Me story or not. In the first Chapter, it got a lot of responses, but as it went on, those responses went down. like a new TV show, if it doesn't get enough viewers then of course they'll remove it, because it will be just a waste of money. Here, if the story is not getting enough readers then why continue?
Now, Im not trying to sound 'whiny' about not getting enough readers. I just want to know If im writing for anyone out there. So that is why I made this poll. Remember, be 100% Honest, don't choose a 'yes' option just because your my friend, or you feel sorry for me. You have to really give a honest answer.
Yes I would love for you to continue!! Just like Johnny said though I would keep it in the same thread so you get more veiws and the readers know where to look.