Create a potion that protects from attunement


Honorable Pirate
Being able to swig a potion that provides attunement immunity from beasts such as Molusks, Jimmy Legs, and Drench and Drizzle would, I think, make fighting such mobs more fun. Imagine not having to switch from your sword or gun to use your dagger to break attunement--and the dagger doesn't always work for that, IMO. If we have holy water that heals voodoo damage, it makes sense that one could make a potion to protect against voodoo. This potion would also break attunement while fighting.

Having a guild that doesn't allow voodoo or even voodoo assists I can say such a potion would be great.

I go to invasions and now i get attuned by players who just want to mess with me because they know I don't want use voodoo in the game. Attunement are happening like 10 minutes before wave one arrives.

This potion would be great I could just swig it and break all attunements.