Crew Days Return! (06/03/11)

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate

Did you know that being in a CREW gets you special bonuses? It's true! Whether you're going up against the Queen Anne’s Revenge on the high seas or battling enemies on land, being part of a crew is a savvy strategy. Not only do you get a reputation bonus, it also helps you level up faster.
And it’s a great way to meet your fellow Pirates to share strategies and tips on all the latest weapons and adversaries in the Caribbean.
That's why we're bringing back...CREW DAYS!

Every Friday and Saturday evening, we encourage all Pirates to get down to the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres Del Fuego and CREW UP! If you're not asked, start one yourself!
As your crew battles and plunders, just watch how quickly you can rack up gold, reputation and other loot.

During this event, all Pirates are reminded to be respectful and helpful towards your fellow mates and keep to the Pirates Code.

What: Crew Days
When: Every Friday and Saturday – 3:00PM to 8:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)
Where: Docks of Tortuga, Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
I miss Blackjack Friday's, to be honest. That was actually a fun event. Crew Days are honestly boring. This to me sounds like another news update to keep us "waiting" for whatever Disney plans to release to the test ocean/server next. For me I'm hoping it's Ship Customization and New Ships as it sounds like it could and will most likely be that. So, I shall just wait threw these unnecessary news updates and go sink The Queen Anne's Revenge, savvy? :fight:

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
wow... i hope they know everyone stopped caring so this isnt news everyone can just crew up anytime they want and unless they have the gm's show like blackjack fridays (unless my memory has gone blank again i believe thats how it used to be) but i mean rly every night on the weekends they have that notice come up so this is nothing new tell me when they give us some real news