Glitch  Dark Wondering Around Padres!! :O

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Captian Fear

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Happened to my friend once. Heres the the conversation we had 'bout it.
Me at Padres docks, see friend coming from Dundee.
Me: Sup bro! What ya doing?
Friend: Was just looting at Darkheart. He's such a noob!
Me: uh dude?
Darkhart appers
Friend: Oh God!
I run way laughing

Bart Gunshot

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somone (like me lol) might have started attacking him drank all his swift foot then jumped to the other side of padres... and darkheart might have followed me i mean the person there lol
Swift Foot glitch and run to drak fast and make him follow you. There are no lines of disengage there because it's supposed to be an off limit area. :D

~CAptain Crimson

Razzora X Harpoon

Dang we all want a summon a darkhart potion like ya got off the Queen Anne! Now yer not supposed to have pets on the beach well except chickens.I take Elpatro down to the dock on ravens and it is funny got a screenie of him by Ned as Ned with hands up in the air is running and put a bubble over my head. Was yelling at Ned to run! :)
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