Death Can't Stop Me

Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
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I've spent my whole life as Jolly Roger's prisoner. He kept me chained up in jail all day long and barely fed me. I never had a childhood growing up because I was his prisoner since the day of my birth.

One day I escaped and ran for my life, but General Hex and his minions chased after me and attacked me from every angle. I tried runing but got surrounded and was forced to fight for my life.

I fought as hard as I could, but there were just too many and they eventually killed me.
I woke up in Davy Jones Locker, it was a lonely sandy area with nothing but endledd sea and there were crabs everywhere that would follow me around.

Right before I gave up hope I saw a ship heading towards the island and 2 pirates leave the ship and come towards me. They were Meg and Tom who came to the rescue me off this island.


While on the ship I remembered an old myth about someone who escapes the locker by being underneath the water right before the green flash and I realized the only way to get off was by flipping the ship.

It was the scariest moment of my life and if it didn't work I knew I'd be dead forever.

Flipping the ship worked, but the ship was destroyed so we were forced to swim to land. With god pointing the way we arrived on Tortuga.
Eventually we touched the land and were once again sort of alive.


The first thing I did was go to the bar and get a drink as any pirate would.
I was a prisoner and dead but with the help of Meg and Tom I was finally free to live my life.

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Thanks if anyone is wondering I made this story cause of the 7th pic were the ship is flipping and it reminded me of the sceen from potc 3. I had the pic and wanted to use it in some way so I decided to make my own tale.
Igor say nice work Will!! Igor say every pirate should learn your never say die attitude!!
Harrowing tale with an excellent ending.. my favorite kind. Hope that bartender served you some of his best rum on the house! (love the flipped ship scene.. I've not ever seen that).
Ya the whole story was based on that pic of the flipping ship. I tpd to tom while his ship was getting sunk and barely managed to get a pic of it. I decided instead of putting it in the glitch section I'd make a story out of it.