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    Ahoy, everyone!

    We're back with another Developer Insider. This one is going to be less about new reveals or content, and more of a "state of the game" update.

    Cannon Defense is going really well! We're running games of it daily with our quality assurance testers, and it's going smoothly! We are confident in its current state. There are very few bugs or crashes. All features are working properly. The only issue we're experiencing now that is preventing it from being released NOW is a game engine crash that occurs in the higher waves of the minigame. This is not due to Cannon Defense directly, but is caused by a core issue with the Panda3D engine. We're working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We don't want to release Cannon Defense before it is fixed, as to not hinder the experience of our hardcore CD players that can last to waves 100+.

    In terms of overall update cadence, expect things to slow down just a little bit. As this is a volunteer project, many of us are still in college or have full-time careers. As the new year ramps up, developers may be a little bit busy in their personal lives. We are of course still working on the game - daily - but do not expect as large or frequent updates as before.

    On the Content Development side of things, we do have some more details. We have heard your feedback about "new weapons" being added to the game. The Content Development team is shifting focus away from events like the Winter Festival or Hollowed Woods for now and going back to our core plan: new experiences and gameplay. We have a few things coming down the pipeline, and we'll talk about those at a later date. They're very early in development, so you may not hear more for quite awhile, but stay tuned!

    Our big game overhaul to 64-bit with the new "Pypperoni" program (available open-sourced on GitHub) is still chugging along. It has significant changes on the backend, so we're testing heavily with our QA team before releasing it. Expect a significant frame rate boost when this is released.

    That is all for now! Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful new year filled with bountiful loot and plunder! We'll be speaking to you soon!

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    The Crew @ TLOPO
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