Double Gold On Cannon Defense !!!!


Igor Greybeard

Igor just want to let everyone know that CDers get to earn double gold and great famed Cannon Rams this weekend!! Igor will be trying to be on 8pm est for a couple good Cd runs!! Igor hope you can join me mates!!
Same here I will def be there be sure to remind me when your there cause I tend to forget also I may be afk for like 1 round at the most cause my dad gets back from china today and I gotta help him get settled back in
Had fun with Igor, Mik, Will, and Shiprat :)

Screen shot 2010-11-20 at 7.48.30 PM.jpg

Screen shot 2010-11-20 at 7.48.33 PM.jpg
Looks like you guys had fun. I have yet to make it to play CD with everyone. :(

Igor say aye mate!! Igor say Igor went on a little run latter with some mates playing for their first time. Igor say we had a lot of pirates in and out but here is how it ended!!



Igor say its a great time for the experienced player and the novice Cannon Defender :D