Father’s Day Quest to Find Captain Teague (06/13/11)

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate
Jack Sparrow’s father Captain Teague always has wise words to share with his Pirate son:

"It’s not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever."

"Don't be a fool, Jackie. The Fountain will test you."

"You’re in my way, boy."

But now Captain Teague has gone missing and Jack needs your help to find his misplaced dad and give him a message.
Visit Jack Sparrow in the Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal to lend a hand and begin the Father’s Day Quest.

In addition to the other Quest rewards, you'll get Double Reputation points for helping!

This Quest is available to both Basic and Unlimited Players.

What: Father's Day Quest
When: June 13 to June 20
Where: Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal



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I tried 7 (yes, SEVEN) times to see Jack Sparrow on my third Jade, and every time he said, "You must finish one Fortune Quest first before you get another one". And I have completely finished 3 different quests, and he kept on saying that 7 times! :mad:

OK, I admit that on my third and fourth Jades - who have not finished the Black Pearl and Raven's Cove quests - I have about 8 other side quests open. And I have done partly some of them, and because of that, I could not drop any more quest other than one. My goal is to do several quests at once; for instance, since I'm not a big fan of playing poker, I could just play poker once to be counted for multiple side quests that have poker on them. But for Jack to deny me 7 times (over 3 days time ...), that was just CRUEL! I finally had to let it go and didn't get the double rep because time expired. I mean, I really didn't know which quest was considered a "fortune quest" to begin with (tried weapon update, clothing and another random thing) and nothing worked. Since my fourth Jade has the same exact number of side quests open and Jack refused to give her the Father's Day quest for the first, I just knew that I'd have the same problem with this Jade.

I didn't have that problem for my first and second Jades ... BUMMER! Some game developers at Potco need to see me do "never say no to Panda" ... :mad: :cannon:

~ Lesson for anybody out there who had the same problem as I did. ~