Favorite Beverage

Whats your favorite beverage while playing POTC?

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Pirate Apprentice
I like the first three, love my pomegranate green tea, loves my starbucks lattes, and I love my appleton rum wit coke :D
I would say coffee, Dr. Pepper, and water because I <3 my Starbucks Coffee, Dr. Pepper would be my second favorite soda being Diet Coke my first, and water = good when your playing softball. xD
I am a health nut, so I gave up my last unhealthy personal vice, mountain dew (cold turkey as it were), last June. (because Mountain Dew just doesn't do a single thing for me during a workout). This June 24th will be a whole year without a single drop of any carbonated beverage!! So my drinks of choice are Water, Crystal Light, and Protein shakes (no they aren't all bad.)